Warrior Mother, The story behind the painting

This is the first story for this blog. My intention is to write a story about what is behind one of my paintings, daily.  This is one of my favorites, so I am starting here.

Warrior Mother

Simply, I was a teenage Mom of two, with enormous challenges, a rocky relationship with their Dad, and a burning desire to provide not only physically, but emotionally for my children. I didn’t want them to see the struggle. Only the love. I wanted them to feel like everything was fun and beautiful. It takes a Warrior’s heart to be a Mom, and single Mom’s need the Warrior’s heart times two. I’m sure I didn’t always succeed, but it’s the intention and desire to do so. I painted this picture as an homage to Mothers and single Moms especially.  From my heart. Warrior Mother emerged when I was in my thirties. I dreamed a dream about the green in the stars, and found the paint from the dream, and this painting was born.



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