Very Early, 21×29 inches. It’s me and my baby boy. At 5:00 AM on a beautiful sunny morning.

It's Kyle's 23rd Birthday on Jan 1st, so I am inspired to post this story about my painting that was inspired by him.

When I made this painting, I was always getting up so very early with the baby.  I remember getting home from work around 1:00 AM and then hearing Kyle crying, (it seems like I just closed my eyes) and waking up to feed him and he would be so wriggly and alive. I had those baby bottles that are a round plastic tube, and you put a plastic bag into them, and then you add the formula. I was so tired one morning that I poured the milk into the tube, without the bag, and stood there with milk pouring onto my feet.

Even though I was beyond the beyond tired, I loved those early mornings. Having this happy guy who was so delighted to see me at 5:00 am was a real treat. I loved that while we sat there, the sun would start sneaking in, until it was everywhere,  and the sound of the birds getting started.

I felt like I was stealing some joyful moments from the universe, just for myself and my baby.  Eventually, other delightful people would wake up, and we would start our day. Off the girls would go, to school.  Off to work Jack would go. Dylan and Laurel would arrive for me to baby sit . We’d all go to the park. By mid morning I was definitely hankering for some sleep. Kyle would pass out in the stroller on the way home, and I’d slip him into his crib. (so as not to wake him) and I’d get the food out for Laurel and Dylan, and lie on the couch and catch a few z’s while they watched TV.  Before I knew it,  it would be time to cook dinner, and go to work.  I loved those days!

Some mornings after I could get Kyle so he was playing by himself, before all the action of the day would start,  I would sneak in some painting. After this painting my style evolved into more of what I do now. I do adore this painting. It is like a marker in my life, and a time of joy.

Kyle is in Florida now with his lovely wife.

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