Musical Ascending

Today on News Year Day 2014 I wanted to celebrate the upcoming New Year with this lively painting!

Musical Ascending. New Years is all about us reaching our goals, and rising to greater heights!

Happy New Year Everybody!

This painting is based on music.  There is my urge to survive as myself, in the flower at the bottom of the painting. And then all of life, flowing out around the central image, with musical connection.

The central violin player is inspired by Lyanna Smith. (She doesn’t play violin, but I love and adore her!! She grew up with my two daughters, Angela and Priscilla, and she quite accidentally landed in this painting. (That happens often with my art) the people I love just show up in the paintings. Sometimes I can consciously put a person into the painting, but sometimes they just show up. In this case, Lyanna arrived wielding a violin shaped like a mandolin. And in this case, she is playing it very beautifully!!

The real Lyanna Smith doesn’t play music that I know of, but comes from a musical family.

She is a vibrant and courageous young woman.

Around her in the border, is her family, a band of female musicians, international musicians, Nature’s musician, (The singing bird) and a boat musically rocking on the tiny waves. The many stars are listening and the Supreme Being is at the top of it all. The central character is rising in her life, through music. I just LOVE this painting.

As fate would have it, I ran into Lyanna last night at the New Years Eve party! It was wonderful to see her.

My new years wish for each and every one of us is that we can love and imagine and fly through the sky playing a violin shaped like a mandolin, and that the stars will listen to our glorious music, while our respective worlds expand and flourish!

Happy New Year!!

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