Night Flowers


48x36 inches, acrylic.  I believe Night Flowers traveled to Africa with the lovely lady who purchased it. I painted this painting with a discontinued color that I just adore. I haven`t been able to duplicate it. It`s `venetian rose`and the color inspired this entire painting. I looked at this wonderful blank canvas, and this pot of paint that I just brought home and wham. This idea materialized, and some metallic ink, and off I went. First came the big yellow flower, and then the  orange one. All of this, so I could put the venitian rose in the background! Always, I am moved by emotions to paint. But what moves my emotions can be as simple as a pot of a fabulous color, or a particularly beautiful embroidery thread. Sometimes it is love, or hurt that moves me. I suppose  all of these things are always tied into the paintings. For this painting, it was the emotion about the color. I wanted to drink that pot of paint!! I just loved it so much.  One day when we get a very private plot of land, I will sit in a mud puddle and play with the mud. I`ll put it all over my skin, and in my hair, like I did when I was a kid. I know it sounds crazy, but it`s the same emotion as wanting to drink a pot of paint.(I would never do it, but it`s the wanting I`m talking about here)  It`s loving the color so much that I want to be that color. Or be the mud. Now that`s living!

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