The story behind "Ascending Harvest"

48×36 inches, Acrylic on Canvas.


Once again I am expressing my self as the flower at the bottom of the border. My life extends, around the central image.

My central figure is seeking to rise spiritually through giving. She gives her energy, her time and her love (the fruits of who she is)

She is thinking. Strategizing. She wants to make it matter. She wants to make what she is giving make an impact on life. Not just her own life, but the life of her family, and the other ladies who are giving also.

She wants her friends across the ocean who she hasn’t met yet, and the elephant and butterfly, who she senses are there, and the beautiful earth, and her fellow beings to benefit from her basket of fruit.

She feels like she is small, and that the basket is heavy.

I get very emotional when I look at this painting.

I made this painting in a good time of my life.

I was living on East 43rd Ave.  (Near Little India in Vancouver)

Jack had created a beautiful studio in the back of our apartment. It had its own entrance, and he created a little court-yard right next to the door, and we put our alder love seat out there, and our guests would sit and chat on a lovely summer evening.  I felt like I had a chance.

I am inspired to say at this moment, as a side note, to express that having a chance as an artist is a BIG DEAL. And that is how I felt at the time I created this painting.  It felt fantastic!! It is a feeling that is within me, and in this case, manifested in the form of a studio, where people could come and see my paintings, actually hanging on the walls, with proper lighting. Oh, it was lovely.

People have asked, "Why does she look sad?" I think it's because I have sadness in my struggle, and when I paint, it's all part of that struggle and because painting is an expression, it comes out. Also, she is happy a-n-d sad. Like me. I am happy today, because I made a nice little sale yesterday, painted  a lovely little elephant painting this morning.  I love my hubby, and he loves me, and we have both survived his recent health ordeal, and things are looking up. I have wonderful friends and children and grand children and my sister and brother. I am a really lucky girl.

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