The story behind Hazel and Her Flyng Violin

24x20x2 inches. It's inspired by my  Grand-daughter Hazel.(I apologize to  music teachers everywhere. I know that this is not how you hold a violin!  I also know a violin does not look like this! I have had a  music teacher fall in love with the musicality of the painting, but she couldn't get past the way Hazel was holding the violin.

Let me tell you about Hazel. I met her for the very  first time after moving to Toronto.  On one hand, she is a little grown up. Very eloquent and has matters at hand.  She is an Artist in her own right, and also an excitable, delightful child. She loves her Mommy and Daddy fiercely. She had already known her Mom's mom before meeting me. So when my son Chris introduced us, she didn't want to call me Grandma, because that meant her other Grandma. We worked it out and she and her sister call me Nana.  She loves to come to Nana's house for a "Stay Up Over" instead of a sleep over. Need I say more.

This painting was preceded by a smaller, on paper version of "Hazel and Her Flying Violin"   When Hazel came over she wanted to see the original.  I showed her the little 8.5x11 inch picture. She said, "How far are you on the big painting?" I said, well, I haven't started it yet.  She said, "How long will it take you after you start it??"  So you see, this painting just had to be born!!

Hazel imbues beauty and magic into the world, and I wanted this painting to reflect that. It has little fireworks gently exploding in the back ground.  Her dress is sparkly and trimmed with red beads. She wears a necklace made out of beads and metallic embroidery thread.

I hear fireworks when I look at this painting.

Hazel is, naturally the owner of this wonderful painting.

The first work on paper was created on paper.  It has a sparkly dress, relief paint necklace, and pearlescent sky. A bit of glitter paint on the strings, and a lovely little gem affixed to the necklace.


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