The story behind the painting "Delilah"

20×24 x 2 inches, acrylic on canvas, with glitter acrylic and beads.

Inspired by my little  grand-daughter Delilah . She has a theatrical personality, and loves to create little stories, in which she invites her less creative than she, Nana, to participate.

She waves her magic finger and invites you into her pretending game, where a pool is a castles mote, and you are suddenly a dragon slayer, or even a dragon.

She becomes her character, and is perhaps, the director as well as the actor in the play, because you must follow her directions without folly! She reminds me of me in a big way.

Sometimes my husband calls me “Lilah” when I do something particularly Lilah-esque. He’ll occasionally  say “OK Lilah.” It’s when I am in a particularly mischievous and creative mood, and want to include him in my creativity. It’s hard to explain. It’s when I feel like I am a little kid, which is often. Needless to say, she is an inspiration and I love and adore her.

I imagine her, when she grows up, as an Actress in the theater, with great unconventional flare!

This painting is fashioned on my earlier painting “Dove Flower Hat”

There is a lovely little story about the hand painted greeting card “Dove Flower Hat” as well. I was at St Lawrence Market, vending our cards on the street. A man carefully selected one of my hand-made Dove Flower Hat cards, to send to a friend who he stayed with in Ireland. (To say Thank you)

A few weeks later he returned to my table at the market, to tell me that she actually called him to say that the card was so-o-o-o lovely, and thank him for sending such a special card. He told me, “You ladies (referring to myself and my daughter Priscilla) are the real McCoy. This is real art!” It made my otherwise trying day of having to contend with cars, smog, (stinky bums who were hovering around to beg for change from passers by,) It made that other wise hectic and trying day, very special!

Here is a picture of our table at St Lawrence Market:

When we first moved to Toronto, this is where we could get some exposure right away.It was really our debut for the hand painted greeting cards!

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  • wowww!!! I love your card and Great Idea BLOG HOP!!!! I can know other blogs and more works.I’m from Argentina, In my country we have no plisibsoity of getting all that you have to make their cards. I hope one day that material arrives here…I’m new follower.hugsAdriana


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