The Human Cartoon, a commissioned work

48x36 inches, paint, embroidery and beads, by Kathy Poitras

My idea behind this painting was to show the different choices people, in their cartoon of living, make. Like, what they create.

I believe that we all create whatever the world is. I mean, I believe that each one of us makes a difference in the outcome. Some of us make bigger differences to the outcome than others.

“The Human Cartoon”  is an expression of that belief.

This painting is based on  the areas of life, and on one side,I created a  beautiful woman, and she is creating a wonderful and beautiful world. Her “self” is expressed as the flower at the bottom of the painting. On the one side, her decisions are enhancing her family, her friends, people all around the world, nature flourishes, and beauty abounds. Spiritually she is happy and sees the beauty and love of other beings. She is striving to improve all the areas of her life. On the other side, she is making dark and dangerous decisions. It’s killing her. As she sells her body to low life  people and her mind to drug pushers, she enters into a world of evil laughing clowns.  (You can’t see them here, but the evil laughing clowns have pom- poms on their jester hats. I went out searching for “evil pom- poms” and I found the perfect ones!! I have also framed each section of the dark side with “dark side”clunky  beads) She is not paying attention and powerful  evil laughing clowns, motivated by money and greed, swallow up all that is beautiful, and death takes over. Because she is now so deeply deluded in her life, so part of a dark game, when death takes her, she is terrified and haunted by like wise, demented beings.

I know, I am being very dramatic!! But……….that’s the painting.

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