The Story behind the painting: Ascending

42×29 inches, on the most beautiful 300 lb rough watercolor paper I’ve ever used in my life! Ascending is teaming with life.

I had an active patron when I painted Ascending. (The late Tex Gramlich  xoxoxoxo)  It gave me time and space to simply create, without the distractions of having to figure out my survival. I lived in South Vancouver, in little India at the time.   This painting took about 200 hours to create. I know this because I worked on it for a month, at least ten hours a day.

I have to say it was years ago!! Ascending was to be the first in a series of paintings destined to be in a show in New York. Sadly, our plans were interfered with, but I have to say, I was super excited when I painted this painting.

I wanted to express a being striving to survive through all areas of her life.  I took this concept and created the border.  I remember hearing that in olden days, stories were told in tapestries. I had this in my mind also.

I have expressed the urge toward survival as self, as a root and flower, at the bottom of the painting.  and flowing from  this are all the other areas of life, coming up around the painting in the border.

At the top of the border, are two Angels. I am the short chubby Angel, and my sister Susy is the taller, skinnier one.

In the center of the painting a young woman strives to reach her full potential .

On the top of the border is my interpretation of The Supreme Being.  I paced, I held my brush, and walked back and forth, I went and sat outside. How was I going to do it?  Then a little piece of light shone through the fence. Just a small amount, but it caught my eye with its brilliance and star burst effect.  So, there it was!! I ran into the house and added it to my painting.


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