The story behind the painting Angela

40×30 inches, arylic and metallic ink. It’ s inspiration is my daughter Angela

I think it was my second acrylic piece ever, and I was delighting in the whole concept of it.

The soft flowers, and the delicate colors. I was visiting my Dad, Joe Mallin (he’s an artist too, and if I ever get time to do it, his life could easily fill a book and make an incredible Hollywood movie. The man is bigger than life!) I was visiting him frequently, dragging my in progress painting across town on the bus, to  get his opinion on where it was at, in it’s various stages.

I had been noticed by artist Raymond Chow, and we were going to do something together. He is v-e-r-y- well-known in BC. I was one of the artists at Granville Island Market, and I was meeting some really wonderful people. I was in exhilaration while I painted it, and interestingly enough, Angela, who is just like that all time, popped into my painting. I looked at it after I finished, and said  “Hey! That’s Angela!!!” and everyone agreed it was.

Raymond was trying to help me get this made into Giclee prints, but I was stubborn, and said no to his help. He offered to finance it for me. I wanted to pay for everything on my own steam.

But in retrospect, I wish I had taken his very wise and kind offer to have Angela made into Giclee prints. He knew she was fabulous!!

Poor Raymond. I think I was a bit difficult to work with. He was so generous, and I was so stubborn, and short sighted.

Regardless, that is part of the story, and I am trying to tell the stories behind the paintings here.

The painting “Angela”  is living in the home of John and Lisa Bell.  They are my ex-inlaws, (John is brother to my first out of five husbands)  and they are amongst  my dearest friends. How delightful that she lives in their home, and is framed so beautifully!!


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